Titoo MBA – Nishant Dahiya, Pragya Jaiswal, Abhishek Kumar

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Director: Amit Vats
Producer: Rajan Batra, Mayank Patel
Star Cast: Nishant Dahiya, Pragya Jaiswal, Abhishek Kumar
Release Date: 21 Nov 2014
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Writers: Pooja Ballutia, Amit Vats
Rating : 2/5


The movie opens with our male and female protagonists – Titoo and Gulshan (Dahiya and Jaiswal) – who are each sitting with their lawyer and discussing what we will find out, are their marital woes. Their respective stories are played out in a series of lengthy flashbacks. Titoo’s mom urges him to get a career and get married while his dad is supportive of whatever he does, as long as it is honest. So Titoo opens a liquor store, but the women of the mohalla complain about that. Next, he tries working in a lingerie store, but is slapped and sacked when he accidentally tries to cop a feel with one of the ladies while measuring her bra size. Similarly, other jobs come and go. Meanwhile, our heroine Gulshan is a hockey-loving tomboy who would rather display her skills with a hockey stick on the field rather than with a belan, rolling out warm rotis in a kitchen. But this tomboy is eventually tamed when she meets Titoo, whom she completely falls for.

But hang on, the MBA in the movie stands for ‘Married But Available’ ratherthan the degree and unbeknownst to her, Titoo makes his moolah privately,’entertaining’ lonely ladies at night. She hits the roof (and him as well) when she finds out about this. Does Titoo ultimately manage to mend his marriage?

What really keeps this movie trundling along are the surprisingly refreshing performances from the lead pair. Jaiswal in particular has screen presence and her act is promising at best. The earthy Punjabi humour also works (incidentally, just about every Punjabi cliche is flogged here, from suffixing almost everything with ‘ji’ to multiple mentions of aloo parathas), but the sexual innuendoes do not. And apart from that, there’s not really much else going for this one.

Titoo (Nishant) and Gulshan (Pragya) are the male and female leads of this comedy caper. Both titoo and Gulshan hail from modest backgrounds. Titoo, however, dreams big but doesn’t know quite how to connect the dots to get to his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He wants to become a successful businessman but is also not averse to taking shortcuts. Gulshan has a day job teaching children PT in the local school. Much to her mother’s chagrin, she dresses up in tracks, shorts and T-shirts and is in no hurry to get married. Gulshan’s parents make her meet a series of suitors but each one fails. Until however, Titoo and her cross paths and they click as a couple. Their marriage is a happy one or so it seems. When one of Titoo’s childhood friends Raj comes rolling into town in a Mercedes while on a vacation as he lives in Canada, he is the neighbourhood’s envy. Titoo and he meet in the evening over drinks and his friend tells him that the best way to make a lot of good money quickly is by being a gigolo. As that is how he has made his money too.

So, after a bit of reluctance borne out of the whole moral angle about, for example, cheating on his wife, Titoo’s instincts take over and he gets into the spirit of things, so to speak. His wife is blissfully unaware about this and for Titoo, life is pretty good. However, there is a longtime friend and admirer of Gulshan’s who is devastated when she gets married to Titoo. He still has the hots for her and even goes to visit a local godman to find out how he can get her back. So obsessed is he with her that he has even saved the chewing gum that Gulshan had chewed and spat out years ago. It so happens that he gets to see Titoo meet one of his lady friends at night. He records it and shows it to Gulshan, who freaks out.

Titoo denies any wrongdoing with a lame excuse but his cover is blown out of the water when his in-laws also launch a ‘sting operation’ on him, posing as a client and catch him quite literally with his pants down. Man and wife separate and there is much heartache. Gulshan sheds buckets of tears and Titoo is distraught and wracked with guilt. However, there is a happily ever after when the contrite Titoo realizes his wrongdoings and Gulshan learns that he really and truly loves her.

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